A course delivering a full internationally recognised Montessori diploma for ages 3 to 6.
Designed mainly for educators in the classroom, as well as for people wanting to learn in detail Montessori education for this age group.


  • Teach in Montessori schools and kindergartens anywhere in the world. AMI diploma holders are in high demand. 

  • Set up your own Montessori school 

  • Use this qualification for social work, mainstream education and your own parenting. 

The course is delivered in English

  • An in-depth study of Montessori pedagogy focuses on children's developmental needs from three to six years of age. 

  • The Montessori Philosophy, Psychology and Child Development

  • The Child’s Acquisition of Fundamental Learning Skills

  • The Development and Education of the Senses

  • Language and Literacy

  • Mathematics

  • Montessori Materials and their Role in Assisting Child Development

  • The Critical Role of Observation

  • Montessori Professional Experience

  • Educational Theory and Practice

  • Administration

  • Legal Issues and OHS

  • Reading and Discussions Sessions

  • Written Work

  • Material Making



Time of this course is given in Bahrain time (GMT+3)
Semester 1 :January 2022 from 3 PM t0 7 PM 
Semester 2 :April 2022 from 3 PM to 7 PM
Semester 3 : September 2022 from 3 PM to 7 PM
Few Saturdays each month


  • Receive International diploma Certificate by Association Montessori Internationale (AMI), recognized all over the world.

  • Learn from our experienced AMI Training Directress Coral Ruiz.  


Coral Ruiz is an AMI Trainer of Trainers working in Mexico, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Peru, Colombia, USA, France, Spain and China. Coral is an International Consultant and Examiner with 32 years’ experience with children and Parenting Orientation. She is a member and supporter of the Educateurs Sans Frontiers Montessori initiative with knowledge and special interest in social work ranging from establishing rural schools, to government Montessori Day Care Centers and Montessori home environments for foster care.

Coral ruiz photo 2.png


  • 180 Hours of The Theory of the Montessori Method 

  • 140 hours of practice with Montessori materials under the supervision in the training Centre 

  • 20 Hours of Auxiliary Lectures 

  • 90 hours of observation in Montessori primary classrooms 

  • 120 hours of teaching practice in Montessori Primary classrooms 


  • Attendance. Minimum of 90% attendance.

  • Guided practice.  Minimum of 140 hours of practice with Montessori materials 

  • Manuals . 5 manuals completion of personal teaching manuals 

  • Observation and teaching Practice: completion of observation and teaching practice in Montessori settings. 

  • Mandatory reading 20 books obligatory and recommended reading. 

  • Materials. Submission of handmade materials 

  • Exams, successful completion of written and oral exams: 

  • Overall satisfactory participation in the course. As evaluated by the Course Director.

Please send the required documents to

  • One-page motivation essay answering the question 'why do you want to take the AMI 3-6 diploma course?'

  • Curriculum vita

  • Previous Cetrficate (s)

  •  Professional reference letter (s)

  • Passport Copy

  • Pay BHD 80 to Benefit Pay or wire transfer the amount, using IBAN BH73 AUBB 0001 0289 1350 01to Manama Montessori Training Center W.L.L- Please mention your name on the transaction description of BenefitPay App on the Mobile.  Take a copy of it and attached it with the rest of the documents in one email. 


Semester                                                                                                        Fees                 

Payment is done within 12 months from January 2022- to December 2022

Enrollment deposit (Non- refundable)
upon admission, also credited towards tuition fees      

120 BHD

First Semester 
Due December 19, 2021       

1,600 BHD

Second Semester 
Due April 19, 2022     

1,600 BHD

Third Semester 
Due August 19, 2022 

1,600 BHD


To assist you with your educational expenses for the course in which you enroll, you may wish to contact the admission office. Bahraini Nationals who would like to pursue the AMI Diploma course this September 2021, may login in to Tamkeen for more information on the support provided. You may also along with Tamkeen support get an educational Loan from  national banks in Bahrain. It is advisable to submit the application to MMTC for such supports before August 1st 2021. 

For Tamkeen Support please visit the link here and type Montessori on the link provided:


 Supported by Tamkeen’s Individual Development Program* *Terms & Conditions Apply


As an international student. you are required to apply for a Bahraini Student Visa. Please refer to the form for more information about the visa  application.