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Comprehensive Knowledge


Our vision is empower individuals and deepen their understanding of the child, as well as to assist them to gain the spiritual insights and practical skills they need to carry out the work that was established by Dr. Maria Montessori . 

We aim to continuously develop and improve our position as a leading Montessori Training Centre in Middle East, whilst  offering an educational landscape with a combination of the best practice of the Association Montessori Internationale and Arabian Culture.


  • Comprehensive Knowledge: the training programs provide rigorous and comprehensive courses of study to best prepare adult learners for their work in Montessori classrooms and schools. 

  • Application: learners will observe, practice and apply what they learnt in an accredited Montessori classroom as part of the training center with a certified Montessori Trained Montessori Teacher.

  • Trasformative: we will empower learners to improve the well-being of children and their natural development. 

  • Caring: Learners will develop new values as they engage in doing tasks, seeing the connection trust others, and more importantly value what they have learned and learning as a process.